Chevy's Story


Chevy joined our team in 2003 at the age of 6 months. She was brought in by an animal control officer who could not find an owner. She was to be euthanized that day. Dr. Lindenschmidt was charmed by her friendly, playful ways and he decided to try and find her a home. While trying to find a home, the whole staff fell in love with her friendly but quirky ways. We decided to keep her and be her furever family.  She called our clinic home for 17 years.  Chevy was a loving cat. She loved people as well as any dog that came in. She usually gave special attention to dogs who didn’t seem to particularly like her. Sometimes she would win them over and sometimes she wouldn’t.  She would occasionally steal food from our patients by putting her paw through the bars, pulling the dish to the front, spilling it and then eating it.  She spent most of her time sleeping, sitting on computers while people were working, stealing staff’s food, snuggling her warmed up oat bag buddies. All of us will remember her rumbly purr that sounded a lot like a robot. She was occasionally used to demonstrate how to do things with our clients and mostly participated willingly for snuggles and treats. She was often included in our staff photos and was usually dressed for the occasion.

Sadly, she passed in October 2019. We will never find a cat quite like her and will miss her dearly.

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  • "Kind and caring staff during a difficult time- thankyou for your professionalism with my beloved dog."
    Dorie K. Selkirk, Manitoba

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